About Us


Meena Bazaar is not just a clothing brand, it’s a journey of an individual, and how he has built this amazing brand and an equally amazing team to back it up. Our Brand motto is if you want to achieve something significant in your life then first you have to believe in yourself and do more then what you think you are capable of doing, surprise your own self with your zeal to perform better then yesterday, deliver more think less, be your own critic. It’s all about becoming a leader and take the risk if the bait is worth enough evading you from having a peaceful sleep, just take what life is offering and make the best out of it then the rest will follows eventually.


Meena bazaar is a Delhi based clothing brand having excellence in curating tradition Indian outfit with a twist of contemporary fashion. We have expertise in Indian saree, salwar kameez, kurtis, lehenga, laacha and have a significant presence into modern Indian imitated jewelry also. Authenticity and keeping the essence of originality is key factor of Meena bazaar, there is no space for duplicity and fraudulence, for us customer satisfaction is the best remuneration we can derive from all the hard work the team is putting in everyday.


Meena bazaar is a brand with a soul of its own and through a very positive attitude of people delivering best of their performances every day it’s expanding with every passing minute. We have 60 plus stores and have a significant global approach which is expanding with a very efficient team of people working on its growth and expansion with zeal to be the best in the business.


Online market is the next big thing we all are experiences and Meena bazaar being having a very contemporary soul is working everyday to adapting the best trend prevailing in the market. Meena bazaar online store is the resent step {www.mbz.in} we have taken in the row to cater our customers every best way possible. We are having a great online market presence which is getting better with every passing day and it is setting a new milestone with every step the team is taking.


Being the kind of brand Meena bazaar is, it has a very significant amount of international customers also and as we can’t lose out on the opportunity to cater every customer the best way possible, we have started making our global presence more prominent with continuous efforts and game plans. Currently we have our stand alone stores under our own brand name in American (California, New Jersey, Texas & Chicago) continents already and having witnessing a overwhelming response in the international market , we would be increasing our reach to more countries soon, because there is no stopping’s for those who believe on their own believes.