A beautiful weave from the land of God- Kanjivaram Saree

A beautiful weave from the land of God- Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees collection can be best described as a weave of God and every Indian woman's dream.

I have never heard of a conversation about a saree without the mention of the Kancheepuram Silk sarees.

Did you know: The Britishers couldn’t pronounce ‘Kancheepuram’, hence gave it the name “kanjipuram’.

Kancheepuram silk sarees online presence is quite strong. What started as a 9-yard of conceptualizing philosophy of designing and making patterns of the mandirs was eventually shifted to a saree, our very own 6-yard wonder.
A Mythical Insight
As a popularly famous story, there was a master weaver by the name of Sage Markanda who knew what each of the God’s like. He used to weave according to their taste with the tissue of the lotus fiber.
His pro-genies, later, much-much later, settled into a small town of Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram and carried his legacy.
Why Kanjivaram Silk sarees are popular?
Weaving an entire Kanjivaram Silk sarees collection takes a lot of hardwork. You can imagine that even today, after lot of advancement, it takes anywhere from one week to 20 days with 8 hours of working each day to finish one saree. And not just that, if 3 weavers are working on the saree, then! If there are any less, it will take more time.
Now, whenever you plan to buy yourself Kancheepuram silk sarees online or anywhere else, you will also remember the hard work that goes behind it and its rich history. Kanjivaram silk sarees collection is like nothing else, the feel, the look, the intricate and contrasting borders, all of this is still unmatched.
Kanjivaram Silk sarees collection is a South Indian answer to the Banarasi Silk sarees.
Before ending this, we would also tell you a fun fact about these sarees: The border and the body of the saree are made separately and then are stitched very intricately into one other. That is why you will notice a zig-zag pattern on Kanjivaram saree. Now you can boast about this on your next shopping session.


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