How to maintain a Kanjivaram Saree for its longevity?

How to maintain a Kanjivaram Saree for its longevity?

Every woman should have one saree from Kanjivaram silk sarees collection!

You ask me why? Because these traditional South Indian Sarees are one of the richest handlooms that comes from Indian land. It is so intricately woven with silk fabric that it has ruled wedding ceremonies and all-important Indian functions.

The shine and sheen along with the durability has made kanjivaram silk sarees collection extremely popular among people across the world. These sarees are regal, classy and just so nice when worn.

Let us get one thing straight, maybe finding Kancheepuram Silk Sarees online is not much of a difficult task, however keeping and maintaining it is. So here, we have listed few things that you need to keep in mind to maintain a healthy kanjivaram silk sarees collection:

-Fold the saree inward

It is really important to fold the saree in such a way that no zari work is harmed in the process. Best way to do it is to fold it inwards.

-Wrap it in a Muslin cloth

So, never store your kanjivaram silk sarees collection grouped together or in a cotton package. Always store it in a muslin cloth. This is to avoid friction.

-Keep neem leaves

To keep your kanjivaram saree fresh and free from moth, put neem leaves on top and bottom of the saree. Avoid naphthalene balls at any cost, it can discolour the zari work.

-Hand wash your kanjivaram saree

It is important to wash your kanjivaram saree with cold water and wash border, pallu and the body separately with soft hands. Avoid putting any pressure and for sure avoid harsh detergent.

-Stains should only be dry-cleaned

-Never dry it in direct sunlight

-Never Iron it directly, always cover it with a cloth first

It may sound like a lot of work, but then which delicate piece doesn’t. Owning a Kanjivaram silk sarees collection is like a heritage that you pass on. Even if you buy Kancheepuram silk sarees online, if you maintain it well, it will last you years and generations.


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