Must have sarees- A love affair of traditional Sarees

Must have sarees- A love affair of traditional Sarees

Have you ever noticed the most striking thing about Indian ceremonies and big events? Well! To be honest there are many in the likes of- rich culture, merriment and big feast. But from where we look at are beautiful women clad in beautiful traditional woven sarees, they are ever-green and classy.

Sarees are mere 6 yards of fabric, or you may think so, but it is a wonderful art that has the ability of offering elegance and class to anyone who choose to wear it. It is flattering to every body type and accentuate all the feminine curves and unique personality.

We have seen when women used to go shop-to-shop to get their perfect pick to now looking woven sarees online. We have come a long way but still, sarees are in our DNA.

Every state has their own unique woven sarees, here are top 3 picks:

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

These traditional south-Indian woven sarees are loved universally. Any discussion about sarees cannot be held without the mention of it. It has a soft silk base with amazing weaves and bright & exquisite colours. It is also knowns for its intricate zari work. The unique quality of Kanjeevaram woven sarees are that the body and the border of it is weaved separately and then joined later.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banaras is an ancient and the richest weaving centre of India. The unique feature of a well-made Banarasi Silk saree is its rich embossed effect, also known as brocade. The sarees have very fine silk fabric and opulence. It is one of the heaviest saris in any women’s wardrobe.

Jamdani Sarees

The origin of Jamdani weave is in Bangladesh, so when the Hindus from Bangladesh migrated to India, they brought along this weaving technique as well. Jamdani means- Jam- Flower and Dani- Vase. So, the weaving style is an amalgamation of putting flower and vase through zari work. It is one of the finest varieties of the hand-wove muslin.

You can always shop woven sarees online if you do not want to go shop-to-shop. We suggest you to keep these three essentials in your wardrobe.


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