Sheer Sarees for Sheer Elegance

Sheer Sarees for Sheer Elegance

In the recent years, we have witnessed saree becoming not just favorite amongst Indians but also worldwide. With such world-wide influence, embroidered sarees have also seen a shift from being just ethnic to becoming a fashion trend. One such influence is new ‘sensual’ saree, net sarees.

There are so many designers who working on sheer fabrics, to make designer embroidery saree. Unlike silk or cotton, they are made using sheer or net fabric, can sometimes be even lace. It gives them unique look and feel.

Net is a kind of fabric; its yarns are knotted at the intersections to create tiny holes. This is not something from Indian Textile but are brought in India by western traders.

Initially, the net was used to create dupattas or veils but in recent years, if we look at embroidered saree online in India, we will see net sarees dominating the market. For sure, nothing can over shadow our traditional silk and cotton sarees but a little change sometimes is always welcomed.

So, we can say that the net sarees are not typically Indian but retain similar beauty and grace.

How can you style a net saree?

Okay, since it is still new in Indian market, some women and people who loves to wear a saree might find it difficult to style.

Let me tell you, the best thing about net sarees is that you can always glam it up and down, as per your requirement. If you look at latest embroidered sarees, you will find that they come in various styles and can be heavy and light embroidered. For a net saree, it is always advised to go for a lightly embroidered saree. For a day event, you can wear it with a matching plain petticoat and contrasting blouse for a pop of color. For a night event, you can wear a sequined or glittery petticoat/underskirt and matching heavy blouse. The underskirt will peep through and it will create such a nice effect in person also in the pictures. You will stand out in the crowd.

Why be scared, now you can own a net saree and it will own you!


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