Ways to Glam-up your Plain Saree

Ways to Glam-up your Plain Saree

A women wardrobe must have few plain sarees. You ask me why? Because one plain saree can be styled in so many different ways and hence can be worn several times, and who doesn’t love repeating the outfit that you have invested your hard-earned money into.

Sometimes women can not want to don those heavy sarees and add extra weight. Especially if there is lot of running around. Here, we have listed down few tips that will help you to take your saree a notch up.


Add a Brooch or embellished pins

Buy plain saree online and make it look glamourous by adding an embellished brooch or maybe a pin to the pleat. This idea may come across as little old-fashioned but as we all know, this is such a good time to be alive if you love fashion, because everything that you can carry is a fashion. There are no definite standards. You do you.

Go for designer blouse

A designer heavy blouse to your designer plain saree is like a match made in heaven. If you buy plain saree online in India and team it up with a heavy blouse, it changes the entire vibe and makes you look dressier. Some designs for the blouses are- mirror work, motif designs, high-netted blouses. A halter neck blouse with frills and tassels or maybe a string or two. You can experiment with your blouse as much as you want.

Add a belt

If you look around the internet for a little bit and look for celebrity fashion, you will notice a latest trend that is adding belt to your designer plain sarees. This is such a fast way to give your saree and indo-western look. Perfect for a date night or even a cocktail. This edgy style not only helps you glam up your plain saree but also snatch your waist, accentuating your curves.


Let’s style up that plain saree!


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