The Woven Banarasi Silk saree is undoubtedly the most ornate and gorgeous garment produced in India. It is adored and worn across the country for special occasions. This is also one of the most favorite bridal choice. A woven Banarasi silk saree with contrast border is the one with highest demand, it gives it a more elegant and classier look.

As the name suggest, the Banarasi woven saree collection is produced exclusively in the ancient city of Varanasi (was previously called Banaras). The special characteristics of a woven Banarasi silk saree is dual influence of Mughal and Hindu cultures in the textile and design.


Rich Weaves and Luxurious textures

During Mughal period, these fine silk weaves were combined with gold thread, which was widely known as ‘zari’. The zari made the design more intricate and beautiful. If you shop woven sarees online, or anywhere else, you will know that it drips of royalty.

Why is it so popular?

Woven Banarasi silk saree is known for its tight weave, a beautiful metallic shine, fine gold work, touch of royalty and detailed intertwining designs like- flowers, figures, net, leaves etc. Only the finest materials are used to create a beautiful 9-yard wonder known as Banarasi saree.

Did you know: The gold and silver woven thread used in the netting and designing of the sarees are from south of India.

One intricate woven Banarasi silk saree can take up to one year to produce. Mostly bridal or heavy sarees are ordered a year or two in advance. In most households, parents get the saree made years before the marriage. Banarasi saree is a heritage that every bride would love to carry.

It is time that you get one for yourself and your loved one, shop woven saree and witness them being happily shocked!