Here’s step-by-step roadmap to easily measure yourself. All you need is to keep a measure tape handy and follow this instructions.

Top Measurement by Body Shape

Kameez Measurement By Body Shape

Bust Measurement
Take this measurement over the fullest part of the bust and across the widest part of the back. The measuring tape should go horizontally all around your body.
Around Above Waist Measurement
Around Above Waist
Loosely wrap the tape all the way around your waist with the tape one finger height above your belly button, to obtain a firm but not tight measurement.
Waist Measurement
Tie a narrow string around the waist and let it settle into the natural waistline as you bend to the let and to the right. Take the measurement along the stringline.
Hip Measurement
Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Take a full circle of your hips with the measuring tape. Allow a index finger to enter between the tape and your waist.
Kameez Measurement
Kameez Length
Start at the center of the shoulder and measure straight down to the point till where you want your Kameez. Make sure the tape passes over the center of the bust
Top Measurement by Styling Nuances

Kameez Measurement by Styling Nuances

Front Neck Depth - Measurement
Front Neck Depth
Start from the top of the shoulder at yuor nech joint and measure till your cleavage, to the point where your kameez neck ends.
Back Neck Depth - Measurement
Back Neck Depth
Measure from the neck joint to the center of your back and choose how deep you would like the back of the kameez to be.
Around Arm - Measurement
Around Arm
Wrap and measure around the fullest part of your bicep.
Sleeve Length - Measurement
Sleeve Length
Start measuring from the edge of the shoulder and measure down the arm until you have the desired sleeve length.
Bottom Wear Measurement by Style Frame

Bottom Wear Measurements ByStyle & Frame

Bottom/Pant Waist - Measurement
Place a tape measure around your bare stomach just above the upper hip bone.
Thigh - Measurement
Measure around the fullest part of your thigh to get comfort fit for the churidar.
Knee - Measurement
Measure around the knee little loosely so that movement is unresticted when worn.
Calf - Measurement
Measure the girth around the largest part of the calf to blend style with comfort.
Around Bottom - Measurement
Around Bottom
Measure the around area on the bottom of trouser so that right fall is achieved.
Bottom Length - Measurement
Bottom Length
Measure from your waist to your desired length whether or not creases are needed.