The double E in ‘Meena Bazaar’ stands for Exclusive and Elegant! Embrace the real beauty with the newest Dresses Collection from Meena Bazaar, and exhibit confidence at every party, reception, conference, vacation, and whatnot! Browse through a wide collection of Dresses for women and find the perfect fit for you.

Dresses are loved by every woman as they bring them a sense of femininity and elegance! Classic printed dress, cotton dress, short dress, maxi dress, long dress, gown dress- we have a wide range of ethnic dresses for you to choose from. Ethnic dresses are the quintessential comfort ethnic wear. If you want a desi touch but also want to wear a dress, go for Meena Bazaar dresses! The ethnic prints on the dresses, make them look boho with stunning oxidized Jhumkas- isn’t that a perfect #OOTD for summer?


Types of Ethnic Dress for Women- Gown Dress Collection


Maxi Dress

Indian Fashion has explored a lot of new clothing techniques and creating a beautiful maxi dress was one of the best! No woman can say no to these flattering flowy dresses, especially in Summer! They are not only comfortable, they are stylish as well. With amazing styling techniques, you can wear Maxi dresses everywhere- from work to dates, maxi dresses work wonders! Revamp your wardrobe and fill it with different styles of dresses but start with Maxi dresses. They are versatile, beautiful, easy to carry, and Instagrammable! Go to the workplace, looking like a fashion Diva, and flaunt that fav maxi dress that makes you feel insanely gorgeous even on a weekday!

Anarkali Dress

As the name says, Anarkali Kurta but long enough to be a trendy dress! Anarkali dress has a fitted torso but it is flowy from the flared skirt area! An Anarkali Dress looks exceptionally dressy for casual events, as well as corporate events like meetings, exhibitions, and much more! Anarkali dress will add an ethnic touch to your Indian ethnic wear collections as well as your other party wear dresses if you style it well! Mbz has a wide range of Anarkali Kurti or Anarkali dresses, waiting for you to pick out the best one. Printed Cotton Dress in Anarkali style is your go-to outfit this season!


Short Dress

Mbz short dresses will steal your heart with ethnic prints, giving boho vibes! You can find women’s dresses online at the most affordable price at Mbz, especially daily wear short dress! Dresses like Short dresses for women are the innovation of the modern world! The women in our history weren’t allowed to show skin or even come outdoors and had to stay in ‘parda’. But the world has changed and so have our women, becoming empowered with their new identity, who doesn’t like wearing short dresses anywhere? Especially when it comes to the harsh heat waves short dresses are just perfect for summer.


Midi Dress

A unique blend of modernity and regal era- a Midi dress stops right at your calves! Not too long and not too short, just right for a perfect day brunch or office wear! You are at the right place if you are looking for summer dresses for weddings, or if you are looking for dresses for winter! Mbz has a collection that you can carry in every season, with the right layers. From royal silk fabrics to cotton dresses for women- our top karigars have designed such easy-to-go designs keeping you in mind. Adding beautiful printed dresses to your wardrobe collection is necessary!


Party wear Gowns

It is important to know that Gowns are different from dresses and leave a major impression on people, one of the reasons why Brides choose Wedding Gowns! A Gown is a floor-length dress-like Clothing, that sometimes has a trail around the bottom skirt area. A lot of times, Indian women pair ball gowns or evening gowns with beautiful embroidered Dupatta to give it a desi touch, but other times A Gown dress is just that- a gown dress, a single piece of clothing. We have a large collection of Wedding Gowns, Party wear Gowns, and Evening Gowns- with the finest premium quality and top-notch materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some popular styles of women’s dresses for formal events?

Ans. Dresses are widely popular among all generations, especially millennials and Gen Z! In recent times, women prefer dresses over pants or skirts- bringing them comfort and ease. There are a few dresses that look professional and perfect for formal events! Dresses such as Anarkali Dress, A-line Dress, Maxi Dress, Midi Dress, and Gown dresses for grand events. Any dress whose length is below the knees and looks elegant- is best for professional life! We have many dresses that can be worn regularly and at formal events!

Q. What is the difference between Dress and Gown?

Ans. A Designer gown for women is floor-length, bridal, or royal style! Either heavily embroidered or plain floor length gown- perfect for party wear designer gowns, Weddings as a wedding guest or as a Bride! Dresses come in all lengths possible, micro mini, mini, knee-length (short), midi, maxi, and more! Dresses are perfect for formal events or casual occasions.

Q. How to style a long gown or maxi dress?

Ans. There are multiple ways to style a Gown! If you are choosing a Gown, be aware that it is floor length and requires heels mostly! Style them with the best possible and comfortable block heels, and complete the look with a delicate pendant set or Artificial Necklace Set. A dress can be styled with a belt, a skirt, or a crop shirt!- you name it, influencers on social media figure out new ways almost every day to re-wear dresses in the most unique ways possible.