Meena Bazaar has become a renowned brand in Women’s Indian Ethnic wear, globally. The brand started its journey from Chandni Chowk in 1970, with only one retail store that was run by the family! The founder, Late Suresh Manglani, who had a vision of creating a brand with 100 retail outlets, started to make it happen! The youngest son aka Our CMD, Mr. Anu Manglani, started his successful journey in 1993 by opening two retail outlets of Meena Bazaar in Greater Kailash and South Extension Part 2. Mr. Manglani identified the main challenges in the Saree Industry from the earlier stage of his career that made it impossible to expand. Including the fact that this industry was truly disorganized- no wholesaler, no retailer, and no manufacturer had any structure/schedule planned out for them. Additionally, Indian Women are spoiled for choice i.e. they had a lot of variety to choose from, and a lot of this variety was common amongst various retailers. Mr. Manglani, as a solution, introduced technology in the industry that was unique at that time and used it to arrange all data from inventory to accounts. Furthermore, he worked with various craftsmen and wholesalers to create unique Designs for Meena Bazaar's brand statement, helping it to stand out from the competition. To this date, product exclusivity has been maintained by the procurement team and largely increased the sell volume using the Product Life cycle concept to its max. Today the brand has successfully managed to have zero debt, 600+ employees, 70+ EBOs, and more retail stores in the USA- which are all running by COCO Model. With rapid growth and an expansion plan in motion, the brand aims to effectively open 250 EBOs by 2025 upholding the brand's vision statement: “Meena Bazaar, is the possibility of premium Indian women’s clothing in every wardrobe on the planet.”


Stakeholder Relationships:

Meena Bazaar’s team has gone through extensive corporate training programs simultaneously with consultancies that work majorly with Fortune 500 companies. This showcases that the company has a strong culture of effective communication, Interpersonal skills, and Intrapersonal skills. Mr. Manglani is fairly invested in the company himself and supports all the people working here, inviting them on board this extraordinary journey! One of the reasons why Meena Bazaar has some families working for three generations, one after the other. Every section of this company is strategically structured and has an organized hierarchy that leads to the smooth functioning of this organization. 

Meena Bazaar is closely involved with its vendors/partner firms, and unlike most companies, organizes quarterly conferences with its partner firms. The idea of collective thinking and working in groups brought a new alliance between Meena Bazaar and its vendors. Meena Bazaar also launched a premium high-quality Ethnic Wear Collection named Aumre, limited yet exclusive ethnic pieces. Aumre is the only infamous collection that escalates the contemporary look of the Saree Industry into premium Kurtis. Given the economic relationship between the vendors and buyers, Meena Bazaar views the relationship more as a partnership rather than two business entities. 

Mr. Manglani works with his sales teams regularly, uses several tools to keep them motivated, and operates on a unanimous principle of serving customers through extraordinary service and providing them with products of the highest quality. Meena Bazaar has established strong relationships with millions of customers who have been loyal to us for decades or even generations. Even after the generation gap, Meena Bazaar has not compromised on its vast range of variety, exclusivity, and elegant designer ethnic wear till date.

Meena Bazaar strongly believes in the principle of giving back to its partners, employees, and customers, and this is often observed at the end of the financial year comprising the brand's largest sales events, such as the Flat 50% off on all stock sales and Customer days.  

Differentiation Strategies:

Although the Saree industry is a 15 billion dollar industry, it has been established above that the industry is extremely disorganized. Meena Bazaar adopts the following practices to keep itself differentiated from its competitors.