First impressions last a lifetime if made right! Everyone wants to make an everlasting impression, and it is possible because even if we forget the outfit or hair the other person has, their significant smell will always be familiar to us! Nothing brings out your personality like a bottle of luxe perfume. Talk about natural body odor and how it affects everyone around you, leaving an impression of natural scent. But imagine walking into a meeting room, and your intoxicating fragrance is impressive already!

Smell pleasant and luxe in our handcrafted aromatic fragrances by Grace Factor. Introducing the new collection of perfumes for her! Exclusively brought by Meena Bazaar with our finest natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and smell flavorsome! Authentic and natural oils make an amazing fragrance, varying from different aromas.

These fragrances are made with a lot of hard work and handcrafted especially for her!

Types of Fragrances by Grace Factor- Gift for Her

Mbz’s Grace Factors gives you the best gift set box for her! A gift set that has both- Desire and Fearless, hoping to make her as such as the names suggest.


The aroma is so unique, you’ll feel special wearing the Fearless fragrance by Grace Factor! A mixture of Roses, Lavender, and ylang-ylang flowers/plants- we will make sure you smell irresistible when you waltz into a room! These essential oils are the main ingredients and that is what it would sweet-smell like- fresh flower oil preserved for you to make you more enchanting to meet.

With the natural process of making perfumes, we create magic for our customers! Let your perfume be as charming as you, full of refreshing moments and empowering decisions. Make your decisions in an empowering way, so it declares your position without saying. The addictive aroma of this perfume, Fearless, is one of the best-selling limited edition perfumes from Mbz.

As the name suggests, this bottle of perfume is made to entitle you to be your true self. Be fearless, especially when you need to rely on yourself- be bold, be strong, and be fearless!


What do you desire? To be on top? Spraying perfume is not solely a finishing touch, it is an introduction because it reaches people fast before your words can! The perfect ingredients to ever exist and smell exotic- roses, orchids, lavender, white lilies, sage, juniper, and cucumber! Making it the most ecstatic intoxicating fragrance for her.

A beautiful mix of essential oils and preserving the aromatic luxe fragrances to rejuvenate your senses! Be desirable and feel empowered with our special fragrances. This perfume is floral based as well, it’ll make you smell like fresh flowers and relax your mind. Wear a perfume like this and make it your signature scent- Desire will become part of your identity instantly!

New Editions

Grace Factor will keep on launching new fragrances for him and her in the long run! The brand will keep creating masterpieces for all of you, stay tuned! Grab the bestsellers before they become out of stock, the limited edition fragrances have a heavy discount on them from time to time, so stay tuned to know when! Meena Bazaar perfumes are the newest collection that we have decided to launch, out of the box for an ethnic wear premium brand of ours!

We will soon be launching another combo of fragrances for him- Royal Oudh and Vanity! Let him smell like the exotic Oud and don’t let the effort go to vain! Gift him fragrances that will remind him of you, and for all the men- gift her perfumes that will be her signature style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which perfume is the best for ladies in India?

Ans. To answer this question, Mbz would like to recommend Desire and Fearless! The best perfume for ladies in India has got to be Grace Factor’s newly launched fragrances. With their refreshing floral scents, your senses will feel alive and intoxicated with the luxurious aroma of lavender, roses, orchids, white lilies, and whatnot! Grab the best women’s perfume and make it your signature before someone else does- mark yourself with desire and be fearless in claiming what’s yours! Be your empowered and bold self with Grace Factor fragrances.