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15+ Best Stylish Ethnic Outfit Ideas For Wedding 2023 - Suit Sets

15+ Best Stylish Ethnic Outfit Ideas For Wedding 2023- Suit Sets

Who plays an important role in the Wedding? You, as a bride, a bridesmaid, and your family! The women have several layers to wear and we love to style them. Dressing up to celebrate and be a part of people’s joyous moment- is definitely what we sell ethnic wear for! How to choose the perfect Suits for women? Let us show you how! From unstitched suits to stitched suits with dupattas- Mbz has a variety of styles that you would look flawless in! The ancient traditional rituals have been blended and improvised by our modern youth, where culture meets trends.

Fashion is always different with the seasons, but Mbz ethnic wear can be worn in any season with the right layers! Walk through the gates with the Bride and look flawless without stealing her limelight. We have a lot of fabrics for Salwar suits that you might find stunning to pair with Meena Bazaar accessories!


As the Haldi tradition goes, wearing yellow is a must! Haldi function where everything is filled with shades of yellow and green- from Bridal outfits to Decor. The Haldi ceremony is an auspicious occasion for the bride as well as the groom, it is a pre-wedding ceremony that is performed a couple of days before D-day! These unstitched dress materials are perfect for the wedding guests as well as the bridesmaid- the perfect Haldi theme!

If we talk about the traditional significance of Haldi, where the groom and bride playfully showered with Haldi (a paste of turmeric, oil, milk, sandalwood, rose water, and gram flour), it happens for a beautiful reason! According to Veda, it cleanses and purifies their hearts, mind, and body! Perfect ceremony for the couple-to-be, as they mark their first step to togetherness. As a wedding guest or bride herself, Mbz has picked out the best ethnic wear outfits for Wedding 2023! From cotton suits for women to designer suit sets, we bring you an exclusive range of Suits online and in stores.

  1. Chanderi Unstitched Suit
  2. Flawless Anarkali Suit Set with Dupatta
  3. Unstitched Suit with Banarasi Dupatta


The splash of green everywhere- the theme of the Mehendi Ceremony! A special pre-wedding function that takes place a day or two before D-day! Traditionally, the mehendi is only applied to the Bride and her female family members- but we are living in 2023 and the traditions have been improvised to keep the balance maintained. In recent years, the groom and groomsmen have also been getting mehendi designs on their hands alongside the Bridal team. The Bridal Mehendi is the application of Henna on the bride’s hands and legs.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding is not just a myth anymore as it has broken stereotypes of Indian weddings! Nowadays, weddings have become a mix of partying and celebration. As India is rich in diverse cultural traditions, Mehendi is a popular and decades-old rasam that has been improvised and come into focus! Traditionally, the Mehendi ceremony only involved the Bridal and her female relatives or friends and there are a few superstitions regarding the darkening of the Mehendi. The darkening of the mehendi is a symbol of love and how strong the bond is between the couple-to-be.

  1. Unstitched Dress Material Suit with Dupatta
  2. Kalamkari Mehendi Suit Set
  3. Floral Printed Cotton Suit with Dupatta

Cocktail Night

The new addition to pre-wedding functions is all we can think about! The Cocktail Night happens a night before D-day to celebrate the new beginning together, with the bridal team and groom’s team combined! A lot of people combine Sangeet with Cocktail Night, but they both have different significance! This new rasam has been added for years now people have been mixing this party, where alcohol and dancing are involved. The youth of today enjoys night parties the most, and including it in the grand wedding is a bonus! Be it a Destination Wedding or a Minimal Wedding function- A cocktail party is a must.

  1. Zari Embroidered Stitched Suit Set
  2. Heavy Printed Floral Suit Set
  3. Crepe Suit Set with Palazzo


For most of the Weddings, Sangeet is where the real party begins before the wedding day craze! The Sangeet function takes place three days before the Mehendi or Haldi functions, a mark of where the celebration starts for the new journey. If you ask who is the main character in this ceremony, it is not the couple-to-be, it is the infamous Dhol! Yes, Dhol, where the Dhol wale plays Bollywood beats and everyone dances to them! A proper sangeet function involves an open stage, dance performances by the elders or anyone, a dance competition between the bride’s side or groom’s, a buffet, and beautiful Meena Bazaar suits online!

  1. Resham Jaal Suit Set with Dupatta
  2. Kalamkari Unstitched Suit Set
  3. Groovy Kurta Set with Dupatta


For Indians, Weddings are a huge Fashion show where they get to flaunt their ethereal attires every day! As we all know, India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions. Indian weddings also consist of different rituals and customs, each culture has its way of celebrating weddings. If we talk about weddings, then weddings are no less than a festival that needs to be celebrated with all high-energy spirit and loud dhol beats! Buy the best Wedding suits for women at the best-discounted price from the Meena Bazaar Suits Sale.

As a wedding guest, it is important for you to look the part and congratulate the couple by making a unique entrance! So why not dress like it? Be it a Bridesmaid outfit or a wedding guest outfit, Mbz has a collection of designer suits for women that will blow your mind and urge you to make a statement entrance. Meena Bazaar Wedding Suits has an amazing exclusive list of the latest designs with premium quality.

  1. Rani Sharara Suit with Dupatta
  2. Crepe Kurta Set with Palazzo
  3. Mustard Gharara Suit with Dupatta


Steeped in rich tradition, the Indian Wedding Reception holds a different significance than most of the pre-wedding rasam! The wedding reception is a post-wedding celebration that involves the newlywed couple to make it official and thank everyone for attending their grand wedding. The wedding reception is the first day together for the newly married couple. An Indian wedding is not just a bond between two individuals, it is a bond between two families and how they rejoice in the new relationships. On an auspicious day like this, new beginnings are waiting for them and you, so dress the part and flaunt the new journey ahead with a bash! Meena Bazaar has brought you multiple options of party wear salwar suits for ladies.

  1. Chiffon Unstitched Suit Piece
  2. Organza Embroidered Unstitched Suit
  3. Printed Gharara Suit Set

This wedding season, be the firecracker and flaunt your confidence in our Mbz suit sets for women! From embroidered suit sets to printed unstitched ladies suits, we have a fabulous selection of Wedding outfits that will be adored by every woman out there looking for Wedding outfit ideas. How do you slay women’s suit sets? Browse through our perfect wedding collection and you will have unlimited ethnic outfit ideas for weddings 2023! Indian weddings are the epitome of vibrant colors and contemporary designs. Indian ceremonies have their charm and we love celebrating them one after another. All the wedding functions need to be celebrated separately in the Big Fat Indian Wedding, be it a myth or not! Gather your new Ethnic Outfits for Wedding season 2023, and flaunt the exclusive trendy fashion of Mbz.

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