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5 Elegant saree ideas for Chath puja- types of Sarees

5 Elegant saree ideas for Chath puja- types of Sarees

Chhath Puja is the second biggest festival in India after Diwali! The Chhath Puja usually takes place after six days of Diwali due to religious belief. This festival is widely celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and so on! The puja is dedicated to the Sun God, popularly known in India as Surya Dev, Hindu people pray and dedicate this puja to Surya Dev. We are here to give you elegant saree ideas for Chath Puja! Get to know the types of Meena Bazaar sarees we offer at the best price.

The festival is four days long and celebrated with a lot of vibrant colors! Women of these regions fast for a few days and they don’t even drink water, also known as ‘Nir Jal Vrat’. This massive festival is just around the corner and women definitely need to explore every inch of the Meena Bazaar Saree Collection to buy the ‘perfect’ saree for their most significant puja of the year. India has a diverse culture as we all know it but our unity lies in celebrating happiness together with the best ladies sarees and party ethnic wear! Traditionally, India is a country with colorful festivals from religious aspects, where a lot of tourists come to witness the craze Indians have for their culture!

Types of Sarees

Organza Saree

The chic and transparent-like fabric with sheer shine, is one of the most feminine fabrics that every woman adores! The word ‘Organza’ came from the term ‘Organzine’, which clearly means fabric consisting of stiff silk fiber strands. The quality of the fabric is extremely delicate, easily tearable and it is see-through! But it still remains one of the topmost fabrics used in ethnic wear for women. Traditionally, this fabric was found in Turkish markets but India has a long history of Sarees and redefining sarees with trending fabrics! The drape of the Organza saree is flawless and looks best in bringing volume to your oh-so-perfect curves. Embracing Indian beauty with a tinge of Modern fabrics, Mbz is taking Exclusive Sarees for Weddings to a different level. Buy an organza saree for your wedding and flaunt at your next Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Handloom Woven Sarees

Shopping for Handloom Woven Sarees Online for women is easier than ever, with Meena Bazaar, buying sarees online is a hassle-free process! Handloom woven sarees take double the efforts of any other saree fabric and are worked upon by multiple karigars. Handloom woven sarees originally originated from Ancient India, traditionally with hard work. The origin can be traced back to thousands of years when ancient India used to be under British rule! From Zari Border Woven Handloom Saree to Stone Jaal Woven Handloom Saree, Meena Bazaar Woven Sarees online has the widest range of best-selling products. Check out the latest sarees from the Woven Saree Collection to get exclusive designs.

Embroidered Sarees

The Mughal Era marks the first impression and trace history of Embroidered Sarees! The embroidery sarees are trending on social media all over the world, especially when Meena Bazaar is selling its best products. From embroidered chiffon saree party wear to embroidered Kanjivaram silk saree online, Mbz has a wide range of products worked on by multiple karigars to give you the best collection of Meena Bazaar! Embroidered Sarees have a way of standing out in the crowd, as they are hand-embroidered, and different types of work are done on each saree, for example- sequins, cutdana, stonework, threadwork, and much more! You name it and we will be able to give you the largest collection of Embroidery Sarees online and in stores nearest to you.

Cotton Sarees

Tracing the history of Cotton Sarees back to the Indus Valley Civilization, the cotton sarees have been the pride of Indian women for a very long time and have been in every Indian woman’s wardrobe! Sarees in general have been the Pride of India, either being Kanjivaram Sarees or cotton plain sarees. Make sure to do your Meena Bazaar shopping online for Cotton sarees for women, any time of the year as these sarees are evergreen! Cotton is a fabric that is comfortable, breathable, easy to carry, lightweight to drape, stays in place, and has a rich texture for women cotton sarees. From Resham Booti Embroidered Cotton Saree to Digital Floral Printed Cotton Saree, browse through the various products available online and in stores near you.

Printed Sarees

Printed Sarees have their own charm to carry and are super lightweight! Browse through the printed saree party wear and printed party wear saree for weddings. Wearing a saree in festivities and weddings is a must for most Indian women as they define the real meaning of ‘Indian beauty’! Printed Sarees are sophisticated and exude a zestful aura. From Digitally Floral Printed Tussar Saree to Bandhani Printed Handloom Saree, Mbz has an amazing Printed Sarees Collection Online and all you need to do is search for Meena Bazaar Sarees! Printing a fabric in India can be traced back to thousands of years, around the Indus Valley Civilization. Sarees, also known as Six Yards of grace, are the topmost favorite ethnic wear for women that no one can say no to!

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