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5 Fashion Tips for Monsoon Wear To Enjoy The Rainy Days

5 Fashion Tips for Monsoon Wear To Enjoy The Rainy Days

Sitting on the porch, seeing the lightning strike, hearing the soft patter of rain, sipping on garam chai, and eating pakodas. YES! That Mausam is officially back with the wonderful sky views. Looking at the soft droplets of rain will take you back to your childhood, hitting every nostalgia nerve. In this Mausam, don’t just sit idle and let the weather go in vain. Get up, glam up, and go explore the streets of your city like never before! Enjoy the wet streets, water poodles, droplets falling on you & fall in love with rain all over again. Meena Bazaar brings you amazing fashion tips for monsoon wear to enjoy the rainy days, perfect for this weather.

When you hear rain, do you romanticize every song and think you are the main character? Well, then you are not alone! But in our case, we romanticize our lives wearing ethnic wear for women because there is no better way to explore your streets in Delhi, Mumbai, and all over India if not in Indian wear! So ditch your shorts, crop tops, and boots and just go for stitched suits, groovy kurta sets, ethnic dresses, co-ord sets & short kurta with jeans!

Fashion Tips For Monsoon Outfit

Here are a few fashion tips that help you enjoy the rainy season better with your monsoon wear! So, take notes and get ready to explore.

Choose Lightweight Suit Sets

As the days turn more humid and the breeze becomes chilly, our feminine urge to dress up in suits for women and act like the main character grows stronger! There will be a mixture of humidity & dampness due to rain in this summer breeze, so we will advise you to opt for lightweight fabrics like muslin and cotton suit sets for the month. Choose lightweight fabrics that will dry quickly after getting wet in the rain & you won’t catch a cold over time. In addition, wearing cotton won’t trigger or pinpoint allergic reactions on the skin after rain. For lightweight fabrics, Mbz brings you the widest range of cotton suit sets, muslin stitched suits & more!

Wear Vibrant Kurta Sets

Rain and light colors don’t go hand-in-hand as light colors tend to be transparent after getting wet. Our tip for you is to wear vibrant/bright colors that will save you from the wet droplets. Not only this, we all admire the gray sky filled with clouds - why not make the environment less gloomy by adding a pop of colors to your outfit of the day? Uplift your mood from the darker sky and be the ray of sunshine you are looking for. Also to avoid stains from the mud puddles don’t go for yellow or pastel colors. This monsoon, keep notes for your favorite outfits, and don’t waste them just for aesthetic pictures!

Prefer Midi Dresses

If it’s raining or about to rain, why not wear short or midi dresses and avoid maxi dresses that are floor length? Don’t get the maxi dresses dirty from below and keep it short with our summer collection or monsoon outfits. Look professional in our summer cotton midi dress and flaunt your way through with your umbrella! What song describes your vibe today? Play it and feel your prettiest in the Meena Bazaar collection. Preferring a short dress over anything will prevent your clothes from getting damped under the umbrella, similarly with the midi dress. Whether it is a chai+pakoda date or a brunch at a fancy cafe, look your best with our printed dresses or embroidered anarkali dresses.

Short Kurtis with Capris Or Jeans

Wearing short kurtis on a rainy day can be beneficial but only with capri or ankle-length jeans! Floor-length kurtas are a big NO in Monsoon, as every street is damp and potholes are filled with rainwater. We have a variety of short kurtis with jeans for this season, from printed kurtis to mandarin collar short kurtis. If you wonder about styling this outfit, let us give you a few tips! Style this short kurti with a black slip underneath it and blue jeans as the model portrays. Washable slippers or flip-flops might be a better option for the rainy days.

Breathable & Airy Co-ord Sets

If you are looking for clothes that uplift your spirits and day with your mood then opt for the breathable, airy co-ord sets for the go. Don’t wear clothes that might stick to your body after getting damp, but for cotton co-ord sets that will still be airy enough for you to breathe. Meena Bazaar brings you an amazing collection of cotton cord sets or schiffli co-ord sets that would match your monsoon special day. Go for layered outfits in case the breeze gets chilly. Avoid wearing a heavily embroidered suit set or slim fabrics that have a chance of being transparent without a slip.

Additional Tips & Tricks for Monsoon Ethnic Wear

We have a few more important points for you to take care of this season. First of all, do not wear uncomfortable shoes or sports shoes that are not water-resistant. You must go for flip-flops or water-resistant sandals that you don’t mind getting dirty. Followed by waterproof handbags that are saviors of the rain. Don’t take a chance even if the weather report shows ‘no rain today’.

Always carry your waterproof handbag that can be helpful in keeping your things dry and clean. Above all, go for a minimal makeup look that won’t be smudged right after applying or while wearing a scarf. Keep in mind that umbrellas are your new BFF this season if you want to enjoy the weather without catching a cold.

Our collection of ethnic wear for women highlights the importance of women’s wear by varying from workplace women kurta sets to vacation floral co-ord sets. Don’t try to be indoors and afraid of getting your clothes dirty as our cotton suit sets are machine wash, easier to dry & lightweight to wear. Stay tuned for more blogs on the Meena Bazaar collection and keep showering us with love!

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