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5 Traditional Accessories for Womens - Diwali 2023

5 Traditional Accessories for Womens - Diwali 2023

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is widely celebrated all over the world by Indians, especially in India! Get special traditional accessories for womens from Meena Bazaar at the best price. The biggest Hindu festival is just around the corner and everyone has so much to do, are you ready yet? Every window and street must be lit up as you read, with lights and lanterns, making Diwali 2023 the biggest festival of all time! Did you know that there is a significance of lighting up our homes on Diwali week? We light up our homes and the paths we walk on, we are chasing away darkness by lighting up every street in India!

We burst firecrackers on Diwali to chase away any evil energy lurking in the corners! But since our environment is changing, we should switch to an eco-friendly Diwali and enjoy it more. Diwali is not only celebrated in India, it is also celebrated all over the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, and Fiji. Many Indian communities abroad follow similar rituals and timings as India for Diwali pooja. Meena Bazaar wishes you a very Happy Diwali!

Diwali Special Traditional Accessories for Womens


Why should Diwali Outfits be all about Meena Bazaar ethnic wear and not Traditional accessories for women? Bringing Indian handbags into the limelight, enhances the bridal outfit as well as the Diwali look! Handbags are an essential necessity for any party, especially Big Fat Indian Weddings and Diwali parties. A handbags has to be spacious enough to carry all your personal necessities- the handbag size can vary from a potli bag to a tote handbag depending on your essentials. From a Black Sequin Embroidered Clutch Bag to a Beige Printed Crepe Handbag, Mbz has a wide range of handbags for every occasion, making you look flawless and festive-ready.


Is your outfit shining bright? Let your earrings shine brighter and dazzle everyone at the wedding! Match your Meena Bazaar Suit Sets with our mesmerizing Earrings Collection for your next Diwali party. Take your accessorizing game to the next level and glam it up with a Mbz jewelry collection. Not all of your outfits are going to require a necklace statement set but all of your ethnic wear outfits need earrings to complete the ethnic look! From Gold Plated Pearl Drop Earrings to Diamond Polki Stud Earrings, choose the perfect fit that completes your Diwali look. If you are done with Diwali dress online shopping, then start with our Meena Bazaar jewellery shopping online!

Choker Sets

Diwali outfits for women are rocking the parties nowadays, and what enhances the necklines? Beautiful Choker Sets, enhance the neckline of the outfit and make it more charming. The way these Choker Sets are trending, they will be all over social media in no time! From Multicolor Stone Choker Set to Elegant Diamond Choker Set, Meena Bazaar online shopping has a wide range of Necklace Choker Sets in different colors and variations. Be Diwali ready with our traditional Indian wear suit sets, embroidered lehenga, latest saree designs, and more. Make a fashion statement with one of our Imitate Jewellery Choker Set designs.

Necklace Sets

The jewellery women wear speaks a lot about their personalities as a reflection of themselves. Flashing a style statement by wearing elegant Necklace Sets from Meena Bazaar, is an ultimate choice for Diwali! With all the intricate designs, latest patterns, multicolored stones, rare imitated gems, diamond-plated designs, and more- Mbz Necklace Sets are the new fashion trend! The Jewellery Sets have been in our Indian History for decades, ruling over the fashion industry for years! Diwali is the festival where you have every right to dazzle all evening and flaunt your iconic necklace sets with women’s party ethnic wear.

Fragrance Meena Bazaar perfumes presents special handcrafted aromatic luxe fragrances for her! Gifting is a ritual on Diwali, where we exchange gifts and spread love by wishing each other Happy Diwali! We have brought you the perfect fragrance Gift Set for her- floral and refreshing aromas mixed well with other natural fragrances to smell luxe! This Diwali, make your first impression at Diwali parties last longer than ever before! Make our unique scented fragrances your statement perfume before the secret is out. Mbz brings you a gift set of Desire and Fearless, a perfect gift exchange for Diwali 2023.

Here are some facts about Diwali:

  • Lighting lamps is a way of representing the victory of good over darkness/evil!
  • Diwali cannot be celebrated without creating a masterpiece, known as, Rangoli Art as a tradition.
  • Exchanging gifts is a ritual on Diwali, where people visit their loved ones and bring them joyous gifts.
  • People decorate their homes, beautify them, and invite the gods and goddesses to visit their homes for blessings.
  • Diwali sweets and Diwali special food are prepared on this auspicious day.
  • Diwali festival lasts for 5 days, it is a lesser-known fact (according to the Hindu Calendar).
  • Diwali honors Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, and the lights are supposed to help her find the way to their homes for blessings.
  • Diwali is also a celebration of Rama returning back to Ayodhya after defeating Raavan.
  • Diwali is all about Family and loved ones- spending time with the people you feel happy and secure with.
  • All the temples and sacred places are decorated with lights. They hold the biggest Diwali poojas, especially in Banaras.
  • This festival is not just for Hindus, every community celebrates Diwali.
  • Did you know that Diwali is a national holiday in more than 10 countries?

If you are wondering about what to wear on Diwali 2023, then you are in the right place! Check out our previous blog for Diwali Outfit Ideas for Women, and browse through our latest collection of Sharara Suits, Latest Saree Designs, Exclusive Lehenga Choli, Anarkali Salwar suits, Trendy co-ord Set, Cape Gown Dresses, Unstitched Suits as gifts, Jewellery, Handbags, Kurta Sets, and much more. You can also gift your loved ones a Meena Bazaar e-gift card and let them feel special by online shopping at

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