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Classy & Traditional Lohri Outfit Ideas You Need To Try

Classy & Traditional Lohri Outfit Ideas You Need To Try

The Punjabi festival, Lohri, is much more than just eating Rewari and Gajjak! Before we get into why we celebrate Lohri, let’s get to know ‘When is Lohri 2024’. Unlike other festivals in India, Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January every year. The Hindu Calendar is not static or finalized as it keeps changing from month to month but the Lohri festival is one of the only festivals that has a final date. Now that we have a date, let’s get you all glammed up for its celebration! We wrote this blog to help you with Classy & traditional Lohri outfit ideas you need to try this year!

Why is Lohri Celebrated?

Lohri festival has two folklore that states how this festival started. Let us delve into both one by one!

Last day of winter/Crop harvest:
The Rabi crop is harvested during the festive season of Lohri. This is the time of year when people express their gratitude to Lord Sun for his kind gifts that have enabled them to reap a bountiful harvest. The festival of Lohri has a significant social significance in addition to any particular religious significance. It is a day on which all community members are imbued with a sense of love and social belonging. On this day, people are freed from their regular tasks and get to spend happy moments with their loved ones. Everybody joins the social gathering on this specific day, and the social divide is closed. People go to each other's homes to say hello and celebrate life together.

In addition, the festival has a particular meaning about fertility and the harvest. Harvesting and the Lohri festival are very important because India is a country of farmers and Punjab is one of the most profitable states in terms of food grain production. Thus, the festival of Lohri represents harvesting, fertility, crop ripening, culture, legacy, and a feeling of community.

Dulla Bhatti:
“Sundar Mundariye ho” This folk song might have been heard by many of you during the Lohri celebrations. The elders of the house tell the legend of Dulha Bhatti and the two Punjabi girls, Sundari Mundari, which became connected to the festival. During the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar in the sixteenth century, the legend of Dulha Bhatti originated. He was a dacoit who would rob the wealthy and give food and cash to the underprivileged. He is credited with being a valiant warrior who championed the interests of common people and rose to prominence in Punjab. According to legend, Dulha Bhatti's bravery and resistance against the oppression of the Mughal emperors are celebrated on Lohri. Bonfires are lit, candy is exchanged, and traditional Punjabi folk songs and dances are performed in honor of Dulha Bhatti during the Lohri celebrations.

Glam up in style this Lohri 2024

Browse limitless through our Meena Bazaar collections for Lohri outfit ideas, ranging from indo-western suits, and Anarkali suits to Sharara Suits!

Indo-western Suit

Have you seen the new trend where Dhoti Pants are back in fashion? We found a new trick to evolve fashion and create amazing ways for you to flaunt your ethnic outfits! Stylishly step into the Lohri 2024 celebration and wrap yourself in the warmth of a festive bonfire. Dhoti style pants are not only worn by men but women as well nowadays because of their unique style. Indo-western outfits are a blend of Indian traditional ethnic wear plus modern designs! If you are a woman who loves exploring new fashion trends then our Indo-western suit with dhoti pants is a must-try.

Three-piece fusion

Tired of the same old wardrobe of classic sarees and lehenga choli? Drop the traditional wardrobe and opt for a fusion twist! The Three-piece suit set includes a Crop top with palazzo and a jacket instead of a dupatta. The modern way of styling a suit set elegantly is here at Meena Bazaar! Who doesn’t love trying unique styles and making it a new trend when others start getting influenced? Check out the latest trends on our three-piece fusion stitched suit sets and get glammed up for the upcoming Lohri celebration! Lohri outfits need to be full of vibrant hues and easy to carry around the bonfire, that is why we bring you hassle-free three-piece fusion suit sets for comfort.

Patiala Salwar Suit

As the name suggests, it strictly belongs to the North Indian region- Punjab. The Punjabi traditional attire has been stealing hearts for decades, or more like centuries! The oldest folk outfit that women have been wearing features a fitted kurta, loose salwar pants, matching dupatta, paired-up Punjabi juttis, and minimal jewelry! You could also opt for a phulkari dupatta if you wish to ditch the basic dupatta. Grab yourself a designer Punjabi suit for Lohri 2024 and enjoy the time without any hassle! The fabric is soft and comfortable for longer durations. You can easily style the dupatta in different ways to make it look chic and stellar!

Anarkali Suit

Anarkali Salwar Suits is a classic beauty and the height of elegance that has always been in style! Anarkali suits are easily identified by their long length and flowing hemlines. Anarkali suits were the only popular suit sets for women during a certain period of time. There are many different types of Anarkali suits for women available at Meena Bazaar, ranging from cotton to organza. Historically associated with the Mughal era, Anarkali stands for elegance and royalty. Back when the Mughals ruled, both men and women dressed in Anarkali suits. The suit style comes in a variety of shapes and patterns and is fitted at the top and flowy below the waist!

Sharara Suit / Gharara Suit

One of Meena Bazaar's best-selling collections is an idyllic Sharara set! This Lohri 2024, add the Meena Bazaar collection to your wardrobe to upgrade your look. Instead of following the customs, choose more elegant options like Sharara Suits, which include a short kurta, loose Sharara trousers that fall below the knee, and an embroidered dupatta to add even more elegance! Mbz Sharara Suits are the go-to Lohri outfit ideas because of their superior quality, unique designs, and best price.

You can choose the perfect option for the Lohri celebration, from heavily printed sharara suits to ones with sequin embroidery. The Sharara Bottoms are the same color as the Kurta but have a more subdued or plain design, while the Kurta from the Sharara suit can have embroidered or printed digital art. The lightweight Dupatta with embroidery highlights the elegance of the entire women's Sharara suit.

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