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Take Pride in our Republic Day with Trendy Ethnic Wear

Take Pride in our Republic Day with Trendy Ethnic Wear

Does anyone know when India became a republic and adopted the constitution? Every year on January 26, India observes Republic Day, a gazetted holiday honoring the founding of the country's constitution. The Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution on November 26, 1949, and it went into effect with a democratic system on January 26, 1950. Republic Day is a public holiday observed on January 26 of each year, as was previously mentioned. On that day, all municipal, state, and federal government offices will be closed. Let's take pride in wearing Republic Day Ethnic wear on 26th January to show our patriotism!

Retail stores and other business establishments will close or operate with shortened hours. Considering how many locals travel to celebrate the festival, public transport is unaffected. Parades on Republic Day seriously impede traffic flow. On the day, there can be more security to patrol the areas around Delhi NCR.

Celebrate Patriotism with Meena Bazaar

For India, 26th January is one of the most important and sacred days throughout the year. Celebrate patriotism with us by wearing the colors resembling our National Flag! Check out the widest range of kurta sets, stitched suit sets, sarees, and Meena Bazaar online dresses for this Republic Day!


The mix of two colors, red and yellow in fixed ratios, Saffron represents courage, sacrifice, valor, wisdom, and action. These words clearly depict our Indian Army, people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for civilians like us to live a tension-free life. Honoring our martyrs with great respect, this color indicates pure wisdom and valor found in the army forces. If you want to show your patriotism and book tickets for the parade event in Delhi, then you better dress like it! Let us present you with absolute beauties, a.k.a, ethnic wear in Saffron (a mix of yellow and red).

Check out the co-ord set attached below! Co-ord sets consist of two ethnic pieces of apparel that complement each other's colors or patterns. If you want to know what's trendy right now, this is where you should look! The newest styles of co-ord sets go well with a range of bottom wear choices. There are a gazillion ways to accessorize your preferred Meena Bazaar co-ord set. The cord-set kurta top looks great with palazzo sets or A-line pants.


In our Indian Flag, white is placed 2nd or in the middle. White represents purity, peace, and tranquility in India. 26th Jan is marked as the establishment of the Indian Constitution and bringing peace through their rules to make India functional! The white on our flag depicts the tranquility our Independent India received after becoming a Republic.

On this 75th Republic Day, gift your loved one something unique like Meena Bazaar Kurta Sets; they'll love it! You can peruse a vast range of Kurta Sets and choose the top-selling item for your loved ones. Celebrate love and patriotism by adding new elements to time-honored customs. One of the most popular product categories now includes Kurta sets, which include a long Kurti and trousers. Select sophisticated and refined women's kurta sets from Ethnic Kurtis Online Chanderi Printed Kurta with Palazzo collection.


In India, we all know the significance of Agriculture and all the efforts put in by our Kisans. Not only agriculture, but vegetation and plant life that has helped people live a long healthy life. The green color on our Indian flag represents all of the above. The Indians are overly sentimental when it comes to our country’s soil, as you must have heard in many patriotic songs like Teri Mitti from Kesari.

Why not include ethnic dresses when they could give you the most stylish ethnic wear ensembles? Get inspired for the National Holiday with our latest collection of women's dresses, like the one we attached below! The main task on Republic Day is to be a patriot and show your support for India, and it's always exciting for women to get dressed up for it. You can choose from a wide variety of ethnic dresses at Mbz, such as floral-printed georgette dresses and digitally printed crepe gowns with a cape! Dresses are the newest trend in ethnic clothing for festive parties for women. They are available in a range of styles, vivid colors, and traditional prints. Acquire the most recent designs from the Meena Bazaar Collection now before your favorite product gets stocked out!


Even though our flag is considered tricolor, we want to bring attention to the Blue Chakra in the middle of the White strip. Why do we have the blue chakra with equally spaced spokes? The chakra is known as the Ashoka Chakra, the Law of Dharma. The 24 spokes are equivalent to 24 hours in a day, leading towards the progressiveness of the country.

Since Republic Day is also referred to as the beginning of Independent India, we have unlimited options of tricolor suit sets for ladies here, representing the Indian Flag! Let's stay glam and celebrate 75th Republic Day in style with our favorite suit sets. We've gathered a tonne of inspiring suit set ideas for you to choose from, including a Zari Sequin Embroidered Georgette Crop Top with Palazzo & Jacket and a Printed Muslin Suit Set with Dupatta. When you can select your preferred style from our website, why be confused and waste away our joyous days? Allow us to brighten your celebrations with brilliant colors and the finest suit sets available at the most competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the chief guest this year for Republic Day?

India's Republic Day celebrations have extended an invitation to French President Emmanuel Macron to take part. A French leader will take part in the Republic Day celebrations in India for the sixth time this year. President of Egypt Abdel Fatah el-Sisi was the main guest at the Republic Day celebrations held in India's capital last year.

Q. Where will the Republic Day parade be held on 26 January 2024?

The procession begins at Raisina Hill, which is close to Rashtrapati Bhavan, or the President's Palace, and travels more than five kilometers along the Rajpath, passing India Gate en route to the Red Fort.

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